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Let’s take a break from wandering around rainy Malaysia jungle parks and check the #travel1k leaderboards for the week of May 24th to read about somewhere sunny, that sounds like fun right?

Aaaaand #1 and #2 and #3 are all the same as last week, so we’re down to #4 where we find: RoarLoud!

RoarLoud is a premier adventure travel blog based out of New England focusing on the full spectrum of travel, from backpacking, eco-family travel, to ultimate luxury travel.   We highlight the full experience of travel to our readership and have had successful campaigns with hotel, airline, and tour groups.  RoarLoud prides itself on bringing our travels to a broad audience, encouraging everyone to adventure near and far.

Why, they’re just like us, only not focused on UNESCO in particular! Good, good, that gives us a nice warm feeling of affirmation that we’re headed in a right direction with this blog. We’ll follow them @RoarLoud definitely, any site with articles like

Antarctica – The World’s Most Secluded Adventure Travel Destination
is one we’re going to keep an eye on. Not that there’s World Heritage Sites in Antarctica or anything … but there’s PENGUINS! Who doesn’t love PENGUINS?

Builtwith tells us they’re a standard WordPress setup with a mostly common plugin set — we’re actually mildly surprised that each and every one of our #travel #blog entries so far is so similar — but there’s a couple interesting logos on the side here:

Linquia looks like something we will definitely be keeping in mind for when we get popular and all, although it’s going to be a good while yet before we reach their minimum traffic and follower levels no doubt:

Our influencer marketing programs are the easiest way to inspire action with your target audience, reaching today’s consumers through authentic, influencer-generated content. Every program is managed using a proven process and our pricing model means you only pay for results.

You know, we like that as a job description. “Blogger” is so 2001, isn’t it? “Influencer,” now that has a ring to it. Yes. Yes, we’re going to aim at becoming an Influencer.

Other interesting logo is this Travel Blog Traffic Exchange thing here — looks like somewhere we’ve got a good chance of finding like-minded followers, yep. Not as hefty a popularity requirement as Linquia, but still a couple orders of magnitude more than where we are now, plus a minimum six months existence. Well, put that on our goal list for Our Six Month Anniversary, have enough traffic to join them!


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