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Time to go look for new voices on the #travel1k leaderboards for the week of July 19th to find our new blog to check out this week; and the highest we haven’t checked out yet, big jump of 14 spots to #11, is: The Budget Savvy Travelers!


It only seems logical to quit our jobs, sell our crap, and embark on a Round-The-World adventure. Join us as we explore the world through a budget savvy mindset. Our focus being to find amazing places that deliver an exceptional value for the dollar. On the road since September 2014!

Thing that caught our attention immediately was “that’s a strange header, looks like my … wait, what? They’re on WordPress.com?!??”

Budget savvy, indeed!

To explain, WordPress.com gives you free hosting for your blog — but since you’re limited to the themes and plugins WordPress provides, it’s pretty much universally recommended that you host your own WordPress installation like we do if you plan on monetizing it.

But there you go, an example of how that is not in fact necessary … I suppose, it’s not overly clear how they are monetizing this.

So yep, this looks like an interesting couple to follow, but don’t think there’s any immediately applicable blogging tips to pick up here…

… aside from being a good reminder, in case you tend to lose sight of this, what really matters is content!

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