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And as another Wednesday rolls around, time to check the #travel1k leaderboard for the week of January 17th and will you look at that, we’re at … #20! How exciting! Thank you all, likers, retweeters, and other ranks of the righteous, we couldn’t have done it without you!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Nancy enSquaredAired (up 490 places to 595th), Tracy Collins (tracystravelsintime.com) (up 395 places to 115th), and Vaisakhi Mishra (up 381 places to 284th).

Well done to this week’s top three Howard Blount (Backroad Planet / #TBIN), Matt Matt, and Charles McCool.

And the highest ranking blog we haven’t checked out yet is … at #7 up from #15: @tinboxtravellers Tin Box Traveller!

I’m a family travel blogger with 15 years experience in the media and public relations industries. Tin Box Traveller was born at the same time as I started my family, giving me a creative outlet and somewhere to share my passion for travel. I now work part-time on my blog, while also continuing my career in PR and being a full-time mum…

OK, that’s … a remarkably energetic output. Us, we stretched to the limit trying to manage a day job and the blog!

As for the blog, well, there’s not much overlap between family travel planning and our, ah, haphazardly opportunistic place ticking, so we’re not overly qualified to have an opinion here; but judging by the list of awards racked up here, people who are think a good deal of the place!


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So, those of you that are trying to combine travelling with raising a family, first of all our heartfelt congratulations, and have fun checking Tin Box Traveller out!


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