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So it’s been very busy around here, and we can see just how badly being off having fun affects your #travel1k rating by looking at the leaderboard release for the week of November 8th … oh dear oh dear, plummeted from #108 all the way to … #341. Yikes.

Since the 25th Oct release, we saw the biggest climbs from Soul Drifters (up 418 places to 379th), Lili’s travel plans (up 387 places to 124th), and Keira (up 373 places to 1010th).

We also welcome these new travel bloggers:

Well done to this week’s top three Jeana TravelsMatt Matt, and Eric Stoen.

As usual, let’s find a new blog to check out this week … and at #3 up from #25, we find: @TravelBabbo‘s Travel Babbo!

Welcome to Travel Babbo! I used to work in healthcare, but was (not so secretly) addicted to travel. I would always post about family trips on Facebook, trying to inspire my friends to take their kids to crazy places too. Then in 2014 I quit my job and started this website to inspire more people.

And then I got married. Travel with my wife was just as fun. Then we had kids (currently 7, 10 and 11), and it got really fun. I fully understand that a lot of people like taking breaks from their kids and heading overseas without them. We’re not like that. Two of our kids got to Europe before their first birthdays, and our third at 16 months. And starting at age four, each of my kids gets to pick any destination in the world every year for a one-on-one trip with me. I love the bonding and the different dynamic when I’m traveling with just one child. And my kids aren’t shy about picking crazy destinations – trips thus far have included Australia (ages 4 and 6), Hong Kong (5), Belize (4), Easter Island (6), Iguazu Falls (6), Palawan (8), Bali (9 and 10), the Maldives (9) and even Antarctica (8). They can pick anywhere they want, as long as it’s not highly dangerous or on our family travel list in the next two years.

Posts here detail our trips with the kids: the things that we’ve learned and the places we’ve discovered…

OK, now we have a role model, should we ever decide to have kids!

And if you’re wondering where the name came from…

As for the Travel Babbo title… In 2012 I was lucky enough to win Conde Nast Traveler Magazine’s Photo of the Year / Dream Trip contest. The magazine planned an amazing two weeks in Florence for us. The first two days there three different people called me Babbo – Italian for Dad or Daddy. The kids started using it and it stuck – they haven’t called me Dad since we returned from that trip. The funny thing is that Babbo only means Dad in Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. In other parts of Italy it means Idiot. I’m pretty sure the kids mean the former – most of the time.

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress technology stack as usual … and interestingly, there appear to be no ad-related plugins at all? That’s unusual. No, wait:

I do not accept guest posts, I don’t write about places we haven’t been, and I minimize affiliate links and advertising.

And you can get to Forbes #4 Travel Influencer 2017 keeping that much integrity?

OK, never mind the kids, this blog looks like an brilliant role model for the travel blogging business in general. Definitely put this one on the follow list!

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