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And another Wednesday’s passed let’s see what our #travel1k rating is for the week of November 22nd … oh noes, plummeted down to #287! Hmmm, need to look into just why that’s fluctuating so much, we’ve been bouncing up and down like a pinball since heading off to Russia. We’re getting flagged as fake news, maybe? Happens a lot with Russia connections, so we gather…

This week we saw the biggest climbs from John Morris (up 422 places to 115th), Liza Tripsget (up 403 places to 231st), and Evelina | Little Big Traveler (up 376 places to 334th).

We welcome one new travel blogger Srikanth Traveldiaries (524th) to the #travel1k Top 1000+ Travel Blogs scorecard.

Well done to this week’s top three Matt MattCharles McCool, and Melody Pittman.

And a new blog to check out this week, we find at … #7 up from #33: @travthroughlife‘s Travel Through Life!

We view this world as an abundant one, full of places, people, and things worth seeing. That’s a message that we’re hoping to pass on to our daughter as she learns more about life. Sure, there’s a corresponding message of fear and scarcity. The goal is to keep people trapped in their homes and locked to their couches. But our goal is to unlock you from the prison that is your own walls or fear of getting out there and to show you that there’s a very wide and wonderful world out there. We have also worked with some wonderful tourism bureaus, brands, and businesses and if you’d like to work with us, we’d enjoy showing you what we’re capable of doing.

Through the various travel destinations we cover, the commentary on life that we share, and the travel deals that we ‘ve uncovered for you, the message here should be clear. We’re optimistic, hopeful, and a bit sarcastic about life on this pale blue dot that we occupy…

Well-rounded site this one, categorized into destinations around the globe, resources for your travel, and commentary, which has some personal touches. Hard to do those without coming across as whiny and self-centered, but there’s some gems here, like

This Why I Travel To Look Back

… But it all seems blurred together now. What would have happened if we’d never left? Would we be happy? How would I look back? Having friends and family so far away brings tears as close as they’ll get to my eyes. Guilt and remorse for leaving resurface on occasion. We’ve returned home once and those friends are still there, waiting to pick up right where the last conversation left off. When we leave, I wonder if they miss us. Hopefully. We’ll be back but for now, still breaking away. Searching for ways off the beaten path. At the end of the day, our journey is part of another big line like before. Following the crowd but this time, traveling. Finding a purpose and getting as much out of life as it offers. Something I couldn’t do before.

Our story is not special because everyone (including YOU) can do this. Sometimes it just takes a little push or a whisper in your ear to get moving. I travel and have pulled myself out of a life that wouldn’t relinquish control. Today, I feel free and know that my life is not special, but fulfilling. Sometimes life in a different culture becomes a headache but there are more happy days than sad ones. Who would’ve thought that it took a push to go in this direction?

Personally, it took a big push to go full expat … maybe we’ll tell that story someday when people need a good laugh. But hey, it’s working out nicely so far!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s WordPress self-hosted + Jetpack, the usual search and SEO plugins, totally standard travel blog technology stack that we recommend Dreampress for.

So yep, there’s another blog that we’ll put on our following list, recommend it to you too!


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