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OK, the #travel1k charts are just playing with us now; last week we resolved to make sure we got a post a day in to move up from #151 — and we did — and for the week of October 24th they didn’t miss those — but decided our Kred score declined to zero, which puts us down at #721. Well, now we know where you place when you’re completely ignored by the world. A hiccup, we hope…

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Dan Martin (up 1484 places to 218th), Cate Ahern (up 1100 places to 602nd), and Michael Conrad (up 920 places to 782nd).

We welcome our two new travel bloggers Kelana by (243rd), and Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Stef Travel Photographer, and Gregory George.

While we’re huddled in a corner whimpering at this devastating news, let’s look for someone who had more cheering results, and here we are at #33 up from #47: @Travel2recovery’s Travel to Recovery!

#travel #blog Travel To Recovery


My name is Jenni Sheldon and I am currently 37 and live in Bristol, UK. I have a page dedicated to Bristolwhere I will share news on what is new, also all the amazing things to eat and places to visit in my home town. I am a UK based travel blogger but I want to see the world and there are still so many places on my bucket list that I hope to visit one day…

Things can happen that make you realise how short life can be and you have to do what you dream of rather than putting it off until another day, year or even decade. In 2014 I started my life long dream of travelling the world. The year soon turned into a nightmare as one month into my travels they were cut short as I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The thought of finally getting back to travelling helped me through the dark days. Now treatment is over I’m back living the dream, although I have to do things slightly different now due to side effects from treatment. I am not as strong but I am determined to not let this stop me travelling.

My disability may be invisible to others but it is there everyday for me, in a way though its giving me the push I need to live for the day as you never know if it is going to be your last.

Since starting my travel blog I have been diagnosed with secondary cancer which is now no longer curable and something I have to plan my travels around…

OK, now that’s a good reason to be upset with life. First off, let us stop here and offer a thank you prayer that our life is so trouble free that glitches in these weekly rankings are about all we have to manufacture drama about; and second, a round of applause to Ms. Recovery for carrying on in circumstances we really doubt we could handle with her level of courage!

Definitely if you are a mobility impaired person, you’re going to want to bookmark this blog — although mind you, when it comes to reviews of World Heritage Sites like the English Lake District

Accessible Travel : Easy walks in the Lake District

The Lake District is one of the walking capitals of the UK, with something to offer everyone from challenging fells to gentle lakeside trails. Although National Parks often bring to mind bumpy and uneven paths not suitable for wheels, the Lake District has a choice of 42 accessible ‘Miles without Stiles’ routes which are suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs, making it easy for everyone to enjoy the breath-taking scenery the area has to offer

Many of these routes are suitable for all, while some are a little more uneven and are only recommended for strong and confident wheelchair users. The routes that have been chosen are classed as suitable for all, and are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a Lake District holiday

… we’re perfectly fine with taking those recommendations for ourselves as well, really.

Oh, and here’s one extra chuckle-worthy: Remember that Win A Tanzania Safari post? Here’s her entry!

My best Holiday experience so far…..

When people find out I am a travel blogger they always ask me where are my favourite and worse places I have visited. I have loved every trip I have been on, it sounds silly but even holidays I didnt enjoy at the time have made an impact on my travelling life and there is no trip that I regretted going on. However, there is one trip that sticks out in my mind the most and that was my trip to South India last year.

What I didnt realise at the time was my cancer had actually returned. I was starting to feel weak and kept picking up viruses and I thought I was just overdoing it with travelling nearly none stop all year. It wasn’t until a few months later that I got diagnosed with secondary cancer that I realised that this could have been my last memorable trip and it made the trip mean even more to me.

When I started my cancer treatment I kept thinking about this trip and knew I had to get well again so I can not only visit South India again but also to see all the other wonderful places still to explore in the world. I have a bucket list of places I want to see and now I have terminal cancer it makes this list even more important.

One of the many places on my list is a safari in Africa and even just the words “exploring the Serengeti” sounds amazing so to imagine what it would be like in real life is just mind blowing. I cant even think about how amazing it would be to see wildlife and landscapes of this continent that I have only ever seen on TV and in magazines so far…

Well, yes, it is all that, actually. Alright, with all due respect to any of the rest of you who entered: Jenni Sheldon is whom we’re rooting for to win that trip, far as we’re concerned this is just the sort of person trips of a lifetime should be for!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and a pretty standard collection of plugins, pretty much one with The Standard Travel Blogger Package most everybody has.

So there we go; this blog wins our award for Most Inspirational Travel Blog we’ve reviewed yet — getting outside your comfort zone is one thing, but traveling despite not actually having a comfort zone at all, well that’s another level altogether. Thoroughly recommend you put this one on your list as an example of how people can keep their chin up and still traveling through what’s almost certainly worse circumstances than you’ll ever face…


p dir=”ltr”>… and if not, send your best wishes her way for that Tanzanian safari!

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