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It’s getting to be quite the adventure checking out these #travel1k blog rankings each week; last week it was firing on all cylinders and there we were at a respectable #125 … and for the week of November 7th, why look, they missed all our blog posts again, and dooooown to 442nd we go. Bah. Well, looking on the bright side, 442nd if we don’t make any posts is still in the top quarter!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Lauren Sovester (up 808 places to 897th), and Taylor Lorenz (up 803 places to 795th).

Well done to this week’s top three Matt Matt, Claire Hall (Tin Box Traveller), and Stef Travel Photographer.

Well, let’s check out someone new who isn’t having problems getting their score counted this week; and our blog to review is … @tulips_holland’s Tulips in Holland!


Tulips in Holland is the largest online community with people who love tulips, Holland, travel, gardening and /or (flower) photography. Since 2013 we are focused more globally than only the Netherlands with the addition of the tulip festivals around the world. We are unique in the world and you won’t find another blog or social media about it. We are an independent blog, don’t belong to any commercial company and therefore we are free to work with everyone in the field.

Tulips in Holland was never planned to be a blog. It grew from a few photos for family and friends to a multi-account social media network with thousands of followers within a couple of years. We are truly passionate about our main subjects. We have jobs that we love and don’t blog for a living. Therefore, no forced or insincere writing will be found on our website. We promote the things we love ourselves…

Well, the first rule of success at anything is to pick your niche, and apparently “tulips” is a good niche to pick! Who would’ve thought?

When will the tulips be in bloom in 2019?

This is the single most asked question we get at TulipsinHolland. Followed by will the tulips bloom on date X?, when I am traveling to the Netherlands. It is also very difficult question to answer because every year the tulips will be in bloom on a different moment. It all depends on the temperature and rain during winter and springtime.

A cold winter and springtime can cause a later blooming and more slowly. And warm weather will cause the tulips to bloom earlier and faster. We have been monitoring the blooming of the tulips since 2010.

To give an example: in the beginning of April 2014 all the tulip fields were in bloom due to a warm winter and springtime. A year earlier in 2013 we had the tulips in the fields at the first week of May 2013. This is a difference of 4 weeks. Tulips are generally in bloom in the fields for three-week window…

Now you know!

And they’re a full service shop here — did you know there’s helicopter tours of the tulip fields? Read and book here:

The wonderful world of Tulips from the air

I know many of you have a bucket list of things you would like to see and do. One of my bucket list things to do was flying above the flower fields. I never thought it would be possible until I met Pieter, a helicopter pilot in the Noordoostpolder. Pieter has been flying there over the largest tulip fields of the Netherlands for five years now. Three years ago I booked my first helicopter flight (together with my dad) and I knew immediately that this was something to share with the readers of Tulips in Holland and I have been working with Pieter since than. Have a look at his story…


p dir=”ltr”>Must admit, that hadn’t even been on our radar, never mind our bucket list … but it certainly would be something unique to do!

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and a pretty standard collection of plugins … doesn’t seem to be any regular advertising plugins at all, just affiliate links for hotels and tours. Think that’s a good way to go actually, we’re planning to try that out ourselves.

So that is a very very niche travel blog indeed — we imagine that if you are excited about tulips, you’ve already subscribed! And even if you’re not, check it out anyways, it’s certainly a different take on travel than our usual run of blogs!


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