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Let’s go back to #travel1k Leaderboard and look for a new blog to check out for the week of May 10th today. Hmm, hmm, top two same same; so let’s go to the third this time: VOYAGER!

And they are … well, let’s just quote their mission statement:

VOYAGER was born out of a burning desire to share our travel experiences and stories with others. The more we traveled, the more we felt the need to record and share our experiences and this finally led to the crystallization of VOYAGER, a one-stop place for information and stories about travel destinations, food and culture as well as travel tips. Our travels across Asia, Europe and North America have transformed us as individuals and we hope to share the same immersive experiences with our readers through the medium VOYAGER. We aim to have a perfect blend of family travel, adventure travel and luxury travel and share our stories and experiences here via travel guides, travel stories and travel tips. Our blog posts/articles will help you travel better and smarter. We invite you to walk with us as we journey the world in our quest for a million gems, some well-known and some unknown…

Well, that’s getting much closer to the spirit of our humble abode on the web here, yep! We’re a little more specific in our goals, but the same spirit of curiosity is definitely there.

And their Twitter feed looks pretty interesting too … ok, we’ll follow @IMVoyager and see how much we learn from that. Quite a bit, if they’re consistently up to the standard of this one we stumbled on pretty much immediately:

The Evolution of Travel and Travel Blogs

If not for this impulse of curiosity Man would have been confined to a smaller region of the earth and life on Earth would not have been as widespread as it is now. Travel is a catalyst that brings about great changes in the way we think and perceive the world and the environment. The changes may seem almost imperceptible, but they are happening all the time. Travel has evolved and transformed people…

That’s some evocative and informative writing, that is! Recommend you read the whole thing there, and look around the rest of their blog too.

And hmmm, there’s an idea for some more exposition posts. Us natural rover types tend to be utterly baffled when people ask us “Why do you like to travel?” and it’s like “excuse me? I don’t understand the question? Because … it’s … travel?” and our accustomed loquaciousness just fails us completely.

So take that link above as the Awaking To Enlightenment end of the travel motivation spectrum, and we’ll see what we can find in the way of varying perspectives to present you!


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