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Well, this week is a significant improvement from last week’s #618 on the #travel1k charts; CloudFlare appears to be working perfectly after that jittery start —

— you do notice the site’s snappier now, we hope? —

— and for the week of September 26th they caught six posts so we’re back up to #142. Onwards and upwards!

This week we saw the biggest climbs from Amyfallon (up 1271 places to 424th), Jamie Pearson (up 1194 places to 499th), and Melissa Shales (up 1102 places to 593rd).

Well done to this week’s top three Charles McCool (McCool Travel)Stef Travel Photographer, and Matt Matt.

And for our new blog to check out this week, let’s see here … how about at #41 up from #100: @WildJunket’s Wild Junket!

#travel #blog Wild Junket


If you had told me 20 years ago, that I would be jumping out of planes and climbing active volcanoes for a living today, I would have laughed.

In fact, the old me was far from an adventurer.

I grew up a shy and timid girl in Singapore. I did well in school, but not in sports or other recreational activities. My family was always supportive but they cocooned me in a protective shell.

Even then, I had an insatiable curiosity for the world. As a child, I went on annual vacations with my family to Thailand, Indonesia and Hongkong. At the age of 18, I went on my first backpacking trip to Australia with some friends. I knew then that I wanted to see the world on my own terms someday…

Ah, now this, this is just the kind of person we’re looking for as a role model! 125 UN countries? That is a significant step up from our current 102 — and there are some extremely unusual visits on her list to boot:

10 Surprising Photos of Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor

One of the people who inspired me to organize a tour to Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor and Tajikistan is my friend and fellow travel blogger Jonny Duncan, founder of Backpacking Man. He has traveled extensively in Central Asia and still claims the Wakhan Corridor to be his favorite part of the region. Here he shares some of his photos from Wakhan Corridor with us…

What, she organizes tours too? Why, that’s precisely what we’re working towards as well — news on that soon, we trust — but we’re starting out low key in Thailand, not going to really exotic places like this one coming up:

Come Travel Iraqi Kurdistan with Me!

Join me on [19-25 October 2018] for a trip to Kurdistan, a region that’s actually safe to visit in Iraq. While Kurdistan is technically a part of Iraq, it is a in fact a semi-autonomous region which is governed by the Kurds of the north. 

Having been spared the war of 2003, Kurdistan Iraq is a very different place from middle and southern Iraq. With a minimal level of terrorist activity and massive economic development, Kurdistan is fast becoming a vibrant hub with high levels of foreign investment and development of infrastructure and tourism.

Many people see Iraq as a war-torn country, but you’ll be surprised at how calm and regular life is in Kurdistan…

Well, if we had six days vacation next month, or weren’t still treating this travel blogging thing as a side hobby, we’d be right on that

… if you’re looking for something so far off the beaten path you can no longer even see it receding in the distance, that would be a tour for you indeed!


p dir=”ltr”>So yeah, we could go on here for quite a while, but we’ll just stop now and bestow upon this one our AAA+++ Must Read The Whole Thing Travel Blogger Award™ shall we?

Technically, BuiltWith tells us it’s a standard WordPress setup, and as always we recommend Dreampress as your best choice for that, free Jetpack Professional and all; and quite the array of advertising and tracking plugins, one of the more tricked out we’ve seen but all pretty familiar.

So yup, this one’s going straight on the priority follow list as being just about exactly the kind of travel blog we’d like to grow up to be some day — unconditionally recommended for all of you as well!

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