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Hey, all you Dear Readers, are you wishing that there was more of our travel writings to read?

Well, here’s a new online travel magazine for you to check out:

Modern Trekker

Modern Trekker


Modern Trekker is a travel magazine lovingly designed for travelers. We pride ourselves on being a notch above your average travel magazine. The heart of our magazine is the passion, expertise, and experience of the travel bloggers who regularly write for us. We’re super pleased with our travel writers and we think you’ll be too! Read any of our articles to get the best on where to go, what to see, what to eat, what to experience and much more, such as gonzo-journalism, commentary on travel subculture, and how to become a travel writer yourself.

… because why yes, we’re a guest author there, with two articles up for starters:

Top 6 World Heritage Sites You Should Definitely Visit In North America

If we were efficient, we’d whip off a listicle article like that in an hour flat … but being the borderline OCD perfectionists we are, we spent the better part of three evenings agonizing over what the best of all possible six visits would be — and yep, we figure we got an excellent cross-section here.

I Went To North Korea: Here’s What Happened

We’re trying for an informal yet erudite tone on this blog, so our various posts on the DPRK left out the silliest bits. However, when Modern Trekker sent me a list of other articles they were looking for after they liked the first listicle there, and on it there was “gonzo visit to North Korea” —


p dir=”ltr”>— and no doubt to their great surprise, we said “hey, we can do that one,” and there you go!

So head over there and check those out … and all their other authors too!

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