#travel Personality Test from @TheArtOfTravels

Here’s a fun diversion — as well as being the best way we’ve seen yet to cajole people into signing up for your newsletter — from @TheArtOfTravels: The Travel Personality Test!


Do you know your travel personality type? Each of us has a travel archetype. A dominant travel persona. Find what’s yours. In less than 5 minutes, you can learn more about your inner traveler and the places that you’ll enjoy the most. You will definitely have fun knowing about your dominant personality type and what is it that your heart really wants…

Sure, let’s see what it thinks of us. Tick, tick, tick, …

Your Travel Persona is: Explorer and Adventurer

Your personality is bold and full of expressions. Energy is the reason behind your travel style as full-of-action. You enjoy independence during travel even if you are traveling in a group. You prefer to be unique and adventurous as possible. A lot of your travels are founded on maximum sensory stimulation and sensations. 

You are a true rocky road wanderer. The shocking thing about your travel planning is you don’t really care too much about the weathers. Winter, spring or summer or fall, you are always ready to go somewhere. There is always a next thing for you. 

You have a fun loving and playful personality. You are always in search of adrenaline pumping activities. If possible, you would like to fly in the sky for hours. Forests, mountains, wildlife, hiking, safari, and national parks can be your most favorite things. You actively look out for real adventures of life…

Yeah, that sounds about right, we can live with that.

Give it a shot yourself and let us know what they think you are!

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