#travel Tip: 20,000 Marriott Points For A Comment

That got your attention, did it? Yep, there’s 20,000 Marriott Rewards points up for grabs — but for a comment, not any comment, so you’re competing with everyone else who comments at

Live Elite on the Go with the Marriott Mobile App


Just comment on this post for your chance to win 20,000 points.
Not sure what to comment? Here are some ideas:

  • Do you use the Marriott Mobile App when you travel? What feature do you use (or like) the most?
  • In how many cities (or countries) have you used the app so far?
  • Tell how using the app made a trip more enjoyable – maybe it helped you start your experience early or access a favorite benefit.
  • Have you used the mobile requests feature? What for?
  • Have any tips on using the app? Share them with other Insiders.

Sure, we can do that, why not? Let’s try our hand at a comment:

Absolutely love the app! Beautifully designed and stuffed with useful features, used it everywhere from Albuquerque to Xiangshui Bay in Hainan Island via Mulu Resort in Borneo — mobile checkin is my favorite feature so far, looking forward to the first visit I can use it as my room key!

Yep, that sounds good. Let’s commentize that … ok done!

If you’re interested in challenging us for that 20,000 points, bring it on — but hurry, entries close July 16th!


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