Trip of Wonders 2017 – Win A Trip To Indonesia!

We’ve been going on about our Indonesian visits recently, and some more coming up soon, and here’s a chance for you to win a trip to Indonesia too!

Check out this story over at Salt & Sandals:

Wonderful Indonesia: Trip of Wonders 2017

Trip Of Wonders 2017


Indonesia is a culturally enriching destination. A collection of islands full of colourful rituals, mystical dances and gorgeous landscapes. And I got to experience all of this when I was invited on a press trip by the Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia to participate in the “Trip of Wonders 2017”. This trip was especially designed for me to experience the fascinating cultural beauty and diversity of Wonderful Indonesia.

So here is your chance to win an All Exclusive Paid Trip to Wonderful Indonesia. Click on the link below at the end of the article…

It would be rude of us to steal their link — and besides, the article’s worth reading. So if a free trip to Indonesia sounds exciting, and it should, go check that out!

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  1. Kobkaew Patsit

    Yesss!! Now I need go Indonesia too.
    Look very nice place. Because.Someone go often!!

    1. Alex

      I go often because there’s so many parts of Indonesia to go to! How about Bali? Maybe I could take you to Bali.

      1. Kobkaew Patsit

        Aha!! Bali very nice place too. Sauy Mak
        (I see in pictures)
        That’s good idea.
        If we go there^^

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