Unlimited AirAsia Flights For A Year For $120!

Now how’s that for an attention-grabbing headline? That can’t possibly be true, can it? Well, yes indeed it can, for a heavily restricted value of “true” — let’s check it out just in case some of you Dear Readers want to fly a lot in Asia this next year!

If you want to just go straight to the source and read the details yourself, here it is —

AirAsia Unlimited Pass: all you can fly for a year!

AirAsia Unlimited Pass T&C

TL;DR — here’s the important restrictions:

  • It’s only AirAsia X (D7) and Thai AirAsia X (XJ)
  • It’s only between Malaysia and Australia, India, China, Korea and Japan
  • It’s restricted to Malaysia BIG (AirAsia’s loyalty program) members (Hello, VPN!)
  • It’s free economy only, all taxes and fees are still payable

So your actual prices look like this:

All that and it’s still mighty popular, mind you:

Psst! AirAsia Unlimited Pass update as of 5 March: more than 18,000 flights redeemed. The highest recorded redemption: 18 flights (single person)

Think you can break the record? Get the AirAsia Unlimited Pass by 7 March @ https://air.asia/zpw4u! T&C: https://air.asia/b9qKC

If you are not in fact a Malaysia BIG member, but using KUL as a hub still sounds like a great idea, we have reports from the field that VPN works to sign up:

Just got it! Had to use a VPN, and luckily GhostVPN has a 24-hr free trial so I used that and booked it. Had to turn the VPN to Malaysia on to get the promo (as it won’t show outside of Malaysia) and then turn off at booking as the VPN triggered a “3D” verification itssue with my credit card.

Hmmm, don’t believe we have any affiliates with VPN services to recommend to you — personally we’re using VPNSecure right now since we got one of those cheap lifetime deals, and it works fine; and the above GhostVPN option is a fine one too we’re sure. If you try one and it works for you, let us know!

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