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Here’s a different take on that voluntourism thing: Rather than spend your time out in the middle of nowhere doing things you’re probably not very good at, book a trip directly … and agree to raise funds to donate along with it! Sound interesting? Well, check this out from MSR Global Health:

Adventures For Impact
Experience the journey of a lifetime while transforming lives



Experience the journey of a lifetime while transforming lives.

Designed for compassionate adventurers seeking to empower others while experiencing the trip of a lifetime,  MSR’s Adventures for Impact will leave you feeling accomplished and truly inspired.

Summit Mount Kilimanjaro and experience a bird’s-eye view of the stunning Tanzanian plains. Trek the Western Himalayas and join the elite ranks of a mere 1% of travelers who experience Nepal’s lush forests. See the impact of your efforts first-hand.

When you travel with us and support long-term solutions to safe water access, your adventure makes more than a profound impact on you—it makes a lasting difference in the lives of others…

So you pay for the trip and fundraise $1000, and you’re in! The Kenya trip,

Beginning in Njabini, Kenya, you’ll spend two unforgettable days with the students of Flying Kites school in the Aberdare Mountains. There, you’ll participate in safe water projects at local schools, and help provide the drinking water they need to learn and thrive. Inspired by these deep connections, you’ll head to Kilimanjaro National Park for your ascent…

And in Nepal,

You’ll spend two extraordinary days in cities in Nepal’s Banke District hand-delivering water treatment devices and training communities to create safe water, leaving your lasting impact. Our 14-day trek climbs through lush forests as we follow the Suligad River to the beautiful turquoise Shey Phoksumdo Lake…


p dir=”auto”>That’s some pretty epic trips by themselves — and if you are looking for ways to contribute to countries you visit, why this is just about the most directly effective way to combine the two we’ve ever seen. Check them out and do some good in the world!

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