We’re A Feedspot Top 20 #travel #blog!

It’s always nice to be noticed, isn’t it? And today, we’re pleased as punch to announce to you all that the great people behind Feedspot

— which therefore should immediately become your newsreader of choice! —

— have listed our humble blog here on their

Top 20 Solo Male Travel Blogs And Websites To Follow in 2018

Solo Male Travel Blogs

Mind you, this is a rather minor category in the grand scheme of things over at Feedspot, they have a veritably encyclopedic collection of travel blogs in all sorts of categories by interest and destination as well as author type: start out at the overall

Top 100 Travel Blogs To Follow in 2018

and check all the specific categories down the left there!

And in something we haven’t noticed before in a newsreader, Feedspot also collects and reviews YouTube channels as well:

Top 100 Solo Travel Youtube Channels by Solo Female & Male Travelers

(One of these days our channel will make that list, but that day is not today. Feel free to subscribe and help it along!)

So if you could use a web-wide curated news service, we suggest you head over and check out the feature list of Feedspot Gold

— what possible better indicator of the quality and thoroughness of their curation than that they managed to dig us up?


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