We’re A Top American Solo Travel Blog!

And in one of the more surprising pleasant news of recent days, we just found out that we’ve been selected by the tasteful and discerning folk at WP Standard to be selected as one of their

Top American Solo Traveler Blogs

Top American Solo Traveler Blogs

What’s holding you back from going on that adventure you yearn for? If you’re looking for a sign to tell you to finally travel the world on your own, this is it.

Perhaps you’re concerned about the setbacks, which is pretty normal. Safety, being on your own, and lacking a means of income while being in new places are understandable concerns.

However, you will find that many of the solo travelers showcased below have the same fears as you do. And though they may have overcome their trials, obstacles, and hindrances a little differently, they nonetheless all pursued their love for traveling on their own.

In fact, here are their blogs, just to help you to be as inspired to travel solo as they are…

Certainly ’tis an honor to be included on a list like this with people much more accomplished in this field than we are — particularly tickled that we’re listed right next to Lee Abbamonte, who’s made travel blogging into a veritable art form

Alex, the guy behind Every World Heritage Site is on a no-fuss mission to visit all the wonders and every heritage site declared by UNESCO around the world. He has so far visited more than fifty wonders and has seen more than eight hundred heritage sites in different countries.

— and if we’re just a tad baffled at how exactly we qualify as an “American” travel blog … well, hey, we consider ourselves citizens of the world, and that includes all its specific parts, yes? Sure, we’ll run with that.

So thank you, WP Standard!

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