Who Wants To Buy A Dive Boat?

And furthermore, whilst we’re talking about things you can invest in, if you’ve got a spare $180K burning a hole in your pocket and you like scuba diving, check this out:

22m Diving liveaboard boat – reduced

MV Thepnampa


Here is an opportunity to buy good diving liveaboard boat to Thailand and Burma waters. It’s still time for take over before next high season.


Boat is currently at Ranong, close to Burma border. This location is the best for Burma and Surin liveaboards

It’s possible to relocate boat anywhere in Thailand e.g. Khao Lak, Phuket

The boat is in good condition. We made a big and expensive refurbishment last season. All generators, compressor, engines are fully serviced. Main deck cabins are new and we installed new air conditions. Dinghy is serviced and has 4-stroke engine less than 150 working hours…

The MV Thepnampa is an excellent boat and freshly refurbished, just did one season in the region as Andaman Dive Tours; if you’re interested in the liveaboard lifestyle in SEA this really is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss.

Personally, our Thai immigration status is dependent on holding down the day job, so we weren’t able to figure out how we could invest here and make it work; but if we did have the spare cash to buy the boat and residency and time to build up clientele enough to pay for everything, we’d do it!

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