Win A Day Of The Dead Trip To Mexico!

My, they do just keep up with interesting ideas for trips for you to win over at Journy the online travel concierge service — this time, we have a definitely unusual cultural experience for you to win a visit to Mexico to take part in:
Día De Los Muertos

Win A Day Of The Dead Trip To Mexico!


Enter to win a trip to Mexico for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and experience this incredible celebration of life.

Your prize package includes:

  • Lodging in a chic and renovated 15th century hacienda
  • Attend cemetery rituals during Day of the Dead
  • Temazcal or Mexican sweat lodge experience with a local shaman
  • Learn to cook mole, brew pulque, and attend the Tlaxcala feria
  • $1,000 travel voucher towards flights
  • A membership to True.Ink ($249 value)


p dir=”ltr”>Hang out in a cemetery then sweat with a shaman? Well, it’s not the weirdest weekend we’ve ever had, but sounds like it has a good chance of making the top five!

As usual, you get to enter here by simply signing up for some email lists… and download their app and give their travel planning a try too!


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