Win A Mystery Voluntour With JetBlue

Alright, now this is a different one: There’s a voluntourism campaign in November you can win a free place on (ex-NYC), but they’re not telling where it is. Wait, what? No, really, that’s the hook for today’s giveaway:

JetBlue’s Check In For Good

Win A Mystery Voluntour With JetBlue


This November, JetBlue is putting good on the map. No, really! Anyone can visit, but only 50 people and their guests will join us on a volunteer trip to this amazing place — a place we’re calling Destination Good. You won’t know exactly where we’re traveling to until the morning we depart, so we hope you like surprises! Check in and enter for your opportunity to win a seat on this once-in-a-lifetime volunteer voyage, including three memorable and immersive days dedicated to helping causes JetBlue believes in.

Yes, liking surprises would definitely be a qualification here. Travel + Leisure has some hints:

JetBlue is offering a free trip to 50 travelers and their companions in exchange for volunteer work. Continuing its #CheckInForGood campaign from 2017, the airline will send the winners on an all-expenses-paid trip for three days as part of its November “JetBlue for Good Month.”

Last year, JetBlue offered a choice of destinations, but this year’s destination, “Destination Good,” will remain a secret until the morning of departure.

“We chose Destination Good as this year’s location to reinforce that doing good can happen anywhere and anytime — be it in the air, on the ground, or even in your neighborhood,” Icema Gibbs, JetBlue’s director of corporate social responsibility, said in a statement. Winners will be doing volunteer work focused on youth and education, community, and the environment…

What were those last year’s destinations, you ask?

The airline will send 22 volunteers to Houston, Texas, Jamaica, or the Bahamas to participate in one of three service trips as part of November’s “JetBlue For Good Month.” The volunteers will work to create “pop-up libraries” in low-literacy communities, rebuild a community center, or give back to the environment at a coral nursery or dolphin sanctuary…


p dir=”ltr”>Well, if you like your making merit to come with a healthy dose of adventure, well this is just the thing for you, isn’t it? If you’re handy to New York to catch the flight, head on over and fill out the application, we’ll be watching to see where you go!

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