Win A Suzhou Trip From Journy!

And here is our latest trip to win from Journy the online travel concierge service — just west of Shanghai, and home to the Classical Gardens of Suzhou World Heritage Site and several properties on The Grand Canal list too:

Win An Enchanting Escape To Suzhou!


Suzhou, China is renowned for its stunning gardens, flowing canals, luxurious silk industry and cuisine. Coined the “Venice of the East” for its waterways and elegant beauty, this unique city could be your next stop! 

Your prize includes:

 1. Roundtrip airfare to Suzhou, China
2. Three (3) nights of hotel accommodations
3. A guided tour of the city

As usual, you get to enter here by simply signing up for some email lists… and download their app and give their travel planning a try too!

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