Win an $18,000 Trip Around The World!

Now here’s a contest worth getting really excited about: How would you like to win an $18,000 Trip Around The World??!?!!

Win an $18,000 Trip Around The World!

Hi, Nomadic Matt here! Twelve years ago, I was inspired to travel the world by five backpackers I met while on a trip to Thailand. They were living my dream and there was nothing more that I wanted to than follow in their footsteps. So, in a moment of spontaneity, I quit my job, finished school, and with my savings went on a yearlong trip around the world. Eighteen months later, I finally came home and immediately decided to head out again.

I’ve been a perpetual nomad ever since.

To celebrate the release of the third edition of my book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, I want to give you more than an updated book of travel hacks you can use to travel cheap:

I want to give away a trip around the world.

OK, as book launch promotions go, that’s a pretty serious one, good on Matt!

So, there’s four steps here:

1) Be 18+ years old and a resident of the US or Canada (except Québec) —

2) Buy the book — hey, you’re almost certain to save several times the price over from the tips therein —

3) Write a sparkling essay —

Write a 500-word (no more) mini-essay on why you really want the trip, what you hope to accomplish, and how you will give back to the world along the way. Be honest and raw. I want to know what drives you. I want to know your why. Essays will be judged on clarity, humor, and creativity.

Can you do raw? I know I can do raw. Bring on your RAW!

4) Submit it here!

Contest ends November 30, so click our affiliate link there and buy it NOW!

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