Win An Adventure: Fjällräven Polar Arctic Expedition 2018

We always have an eye for the adventurous type of travel, and today we have a contest which is indisputably adventurous…

300km of Arctic wilderness. More than 200 highly skilled sled dogs and a group of ordinary people just like you. This is Fjällräven Polar, a journey you’ll never forget. Want in?

Well, who wouldn’t?

Fjällräven Polar Arctic Expedition


Fjällräven Polar is a 300 km winter adventure north of the Arctic Circle. It offers a unique opportunity for those of you who have not spent much time outdoors during the winter to go on the adventure of your life. You will be given a chance to navigate a dog sled on your own in what appears to be inhospitable wilderness – across barren tundra and frozen lakes and through mountain forests weighted with snow. You will spend nights in a tent or under the open sky, perhaps accompanied by the northern lights. The journey starts at the edge of the Norwegian fjords in Signaldalen and finishes at Jukkasjärvi area in Swedish Lapland.

Now, how this works is they’ve divided the world into 10 regions, and the most popular vote getter plus one jury selection from each region gets their travel expenses and equipment provided for the adventure. Tips for entering are:

1. Submit your application early
The application period opens 15th of November and ends 13th of December 2018. Make sure your entry is ready to upload as soon as we open the voting portal.
2. Make your application stand out from the crowd
A little creativity goes a long way. Have fun with your application and try something unexpected. We want to see the real you.
3. Share your application
Participation in Polar is based on votes, so think big. Utilise news networks, social media, friends and family connections to spread your application further.

Competition looks fierce — we’re five days late letting you know it’s started, and the leading entry on the entries page here already has 25952 votes! However, many regions have a leader of only a couple thousand, and of course there’s always that juried selection option.


p dir=”ltr”>So if the idea of freezing your butt off in tents while being dragged 300k through an arctic wilderness by dogsled gets your sense of adventure revved up — hurry and get your entry in today!


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