Win One Year Of Free AirAsia Flights!

You busy tonight 8-9 PM Kuala Lumpur time? If not, why here’s a Facebook game show for you to join:

AirAsia gives away one year of free flights

Win One Year Of Free AirAsia Flights!


SEPANG, 17 July 2018 – We will be giving away one year of free flights during a landmark hour-long Facebook live special today.

Tune in to our Facebook page from 8-9pm (GMT +8) today for an hour of fun and engagement, as well as a chance to win prizes…

Those keen to try their luck at winning free AirAsia flights for one year only have to answer three questions that will be given out during the one-hour show. Simply collect all three questions and submit your answers in the comments section of the Facebook live video when the host calls for submissions.  

The winner will be announced at the end of the live show.

During the show, there will also be numerous quick giveaways including AirAsia merchandise, limited edition merchandise autographed by legendary footballer Roberto Carlos and free flights…


Well, we know what we’re doing tonight now — see you all there!

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