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Here’s a contest perfect for this site, Dear Readers: Two tickets from anywhere KLM flies to Osaka, and then a ride on the bullet train to the World Heritage city of Kyoto, Japan!

The Beauty of Kyoto


About 1,000 years ago, Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan, which explains the large collection of temples and shrines. Since then, Tokyo has taken over as the nation’s capital, but Kyoto still prides itself on being the country’s cultural capital. The ultra fast bullet train whisks visitors in fifteen minutes from Osaka to this magical city. In this video our guides will show you the highlights of Kyoto, as well as the gorgeous Shiga prefecture just outside of town.

Few cities of this size boast as much culture and history as Kyoto. While the rest of Japan develops at lightning speed, Kyoto still clings to tradition. The best place to experience the history is in the Gion district. A stroll through the narrow streets lined with wooden buildings takes you several centuries back in time…

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Vote and win a trip to Kyoto

Has Kyoto been on your Bucket List for too long? We are giving you the chance to discover this beautiful city. Let us know what your favourite place in Kyoto is and have a chance to win two tickets to Japan! You fly on KLM destination Osaka, and then on the bullet train, you are in Kyoto within 15 minutes.

Personally, our vote is for “Discover the bamboo forest of Arashiyama” — and why look, after we fill in the details that is indeed the most popular entry. When we were there, it was in the middle of winter, definitely schedule going back for summer if we win, recommend that to you too!

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