World Heritage Volunteers 2018 – Call for Projects

Do you happen to have any connection to a youth and/or volunteering organization, Dear Reader? If so, here’s a worthy cause for your attention:

World Heritage Volunteers 2018 – Call for Projects

World Heritage Volunteers 2018 – Call for Projects


The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is pleased to announce the Call for Projects for the World Heritage Volunteers (WHV) Campaign 2018. This Call welcomes the participation of all interested organisations and institutions. In addition, it offers a new opportunity to apply for not only one-year cycle, but also two-year cycle process, with the aim to foster and encourage the commitment to World Heritage.

The WHV Initiative was launched in 2008 to encourage young people to undertake concrete action and play an active role in the protection, preservation and promotion of World Heritage sites. The initiative consists of action camps organized by youth organizations or institutions in cooperation with multiple stakeholders and partners, which work together for the state of conservation of World Heritage sites.

The initiative mobilizes national and international volunteers through hands-on and awareness-raising activities for the conservation of our common cultural and natural heritage.

To empower the Commitment to World Heritage, the World Heritage Centre invites all youth organisations, NGOs, institutions, and public authorities that wish to involve young people in World Heritage preservation through the implementation of action camps at World Heritage sites in 2018…

The selection criteria are found here:

The World Heritage Volunteers Campaign 2018 shall aim to:

. 1)  Raise awareness among young people, volunteers, local communities, and concerned authorities of the need to protect and promote World Heritage; 

. 2)  Involve young people in World Heritage preservation through concrete projects at sites; 

. 3)  Empower young people allowing them to learn skills, basic preservation and conservation 
techniques and raise their capacity as future decision‐makers and global active citizens; 

. 4)  Strengthen sustainable cooperation between non‐profit organisations, site management, 
communities and authorities; 

. 5)  Identify best practices and develop non‐formal education tools to facilitate stakeholders’ 
participation in the World Heritage education; 

. 6)  Mainstream gender equality in all stages of the projects and geographical diversity among 
the World Heritage properties where the action camps take place. 

Worthy aims all! If you have a project for them to consider, apply here by January 14th … and good luck!


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