World Heritage Volunteers Campaign 2018

Hey, Dear Young Readers: Looking for an exotic voluntourism opportunity? How about helping to preserve World Heritage, with 53 projects on offer across 29 countries?

Join the World Heritage Volunteers Campaign 2018

World Heritage Volunteers Campaign 2018


What is the WHV Initiative?

The WHV Initiative was launched in 2008 to encourage young people to undertake concrete actions and to play an active role in the protection, preservation and promotion of World Heritage sites. It consists of action camps created by youth organizations or institutions in cooperation with multiple stakeholders and partners, which work all together for the state of conservation of World Heritage sites.

Through hands-on and awareness-raising activities for the conservation of our common cultural and natural heritage, the WHV 2018 provides empowering and enriching opportunities to young national and international volunteers.

In the framework of the UNESCO World Heritage Education Programme, the initiative is led by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre (WHC) in collaboration with the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), European Heritage Volunteers (as a branch of Open Houses), and Better World.

How to become a Volunteer?

To become a volunteer, please refer to the list of selected projects for World Heritage Volunteers 2018 campaign. You will be able to choose an action camp that you would like to participate in, based on your interests as well as the its duration and timeline…

If you’re still planning what to do this summer (mostly, there are some throughout the upcoming year) we wholeheartedly encourage you to check it out as an unquestionably worthy cause to travel in service of!

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