World’s Top #travel #blogs 2018

Oh look, here’s another list for us to mark our progress in the travel blogging world and mine for role models: Everything Everywhere’s

The World’s Top Travel Blogs 2018

The World's Top Travel Blogs


This list ranks the world’s top travel blogs on the basis of algorithmic authority. It attempts to include both the authority of the website and the authority of the social media accounts attached to the website…

Why Authority? Other lists use traffic to rank sites. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are lots of ways to get traffic. Just publishing a lot of low-quality posts can build up overall traffic. Likewise, you could have an online forum which could inflate number, or you could just get a post that goes viral. Also, the only way to truly know traffic is to have voluntary participation with every single person on the list. It also doesn’t factor in social media, which is a big part of online authority today. It is a metric, but it has lots of flaws. Authority doesn’t tend to jump around a lot. Traffic can go up and down, but these metrics only have small fluctuations and take time to raise or lower. 

Why These Three Metrics? To create a list like this, I needed metrics which were publically available, used a similar scale, but also measured different things. I felt that these three metrics while having some overlap, were all different yet measured important aspects of authority. Also, I am aware of the weaknesses of all the metrics, but they are weak in different ways, and I think they mostly cancel each other out when taken together. 

Why Domain Authority? Moz’s Domain Authority has become a staple metric for the industry, so using it made sense. It is on a 100 point scale like the other metrics. Sites which have been around longer, with more links tend to score higher. While it is possible to game it, you can only game it so far as it is on a logarithmic scale. It captures both link quantity and quality. 

Why Klout? Klout has been maligned over the years and for good reason. It is impossible to try and capture everything social in one number. Nonetheless, while it isn’t precise, it is relatively accurate in the broadest sense. You can’t really make a difference between someone with a 61 vs a 62, but there is a difference between a 60 and a 40. Moreover, the weaknesses of Klout are not the same as the weaknesses of the other metrics. Klout is also on a 100 point scale like the other metrics which makes it useful. While the average user has a higher Klout score than with the other 2 metrics, it also is trying to capture more, which I think makes up for that fact. 

Why Trust Flow? Trust Flow is a metric from It is probably the least well known of the three metrics I use, but it is also the most enlightening. It is a measure of the quality of links to a website. You will notice that the majority of websites only have a Trust Flow number in the teens or twenties, even though they have a Domain Authority much higher. This is because they don’t have many links beyond the blogosphere. A high Trust Flow number represents links from mainstream media outlets and other large websites, which is exactly the sort of authority which this list is trying to capture. (Note: I am using DOMAIN Trust Flow, not URL Trust Flow. They are different numbers.)

As we mentioned back in How To Fail Miserably At Blogging, we’d already come to realize that

a) Domain Authority is indeed a “staple metric,” particularly for monetization opportunities
b) A “.site” top level domain can not, in fact, have that authority calculated.

So that is a solid number indeed to track what the successful blogs rank as.

Klout, that and Twitter are what make up the #travel1k list we check in with every week, so we’re working on building our social reach to build that one up, it’s pretty straightforward.

This Trust Flow number is a completely new one to us, but it also sounds like a useful metric to figure out who’s making a mainstream success out of this travel blogging thing and, ah, be inspired by their approach.

So where are we on this list? Why, we’re just about at the very rear of the pack, #523 out of #574. That’s because as yet the Domain Authority for the new domain is 1. We trust that will update itself sooner or later…

… otherwise, wow we went to at lot of work for nothing…


p dir=”ltr”>… in the meantime, Dear Readers, if you’re looking for a list of new travel blogs to check out, there’s an excellent resource!


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