Artisans Angkor Silk Farm, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Here’s a diversion well worth taking while you’re in Siem Reap visiting temples and temples and yet more temples: head just 20 minutes out of town and visit Artisans d’Angkor‘s Angkor Silk Farm for a tour —

— FREE! no less, although a tip to your guide would be polite —

— of the entire traditional Cambodian silk production process all the way from the fields to the gift shop …

… and for bringing back impressive presents that aren’t going to weigh you down, it’s pretty hard to beat traditionally woven Cambodian silk products!

We’ve been to a couple silk weaving shops before, but this is the only place we know of where you can see the entire production process, starting with the fields of mulberry bushes

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

which feed the silkworms

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

which grow the coccoons

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

which get collected in bins

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

and we’ll leave it there — watch the video to see the boiling spinning and weaving parts in action! — and skip ahead to the shopping part. Anybody you know like some silk napkins?

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

Or maybe some pillows?

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

Or … well, pretty much anything in silk, really?

Artisans Angkor Silk Farm

They’re not the cheapest souvenirs mind you, but between that they’re actually handmade, have won multiple UNESCO Awards

Artisans Angkor has had the honor to be awarded by the highest authority for supporting craft producers: UNESCO. The history between Artisans Angkor and this international organization dates back to eight years ago, when our company first received two “Seals of Excellence for Handicraft Products of Southeast Asia” which were jointly attributed by UNESCO and the Asean Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA).

These awards are granted to products which “meets high standards of quality, innovating, cultural authenticity, as well as socially and environmentally responsible production”. With the constant efforts developed by Artisans Angkor regarding the quality of its products and the handing over of the traditional handicraft skills, our company managed to win these awards many times…

— and the money goes to supporting rural Cambodians, think of this as your opportunity to not only get some unique souvenirs to bring back, but actually contribute something back while doing so. Thoroughly recommended!

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  1. Rose Marie Curylo

    That video is impressive! Thank you for posting!!

    1. Alex

      Why, you’re very welcome. Always a pleasure when people enjoy our work! (By which we mean “the nice Cambodian ladies’ work, but close enough.)

  2. Wow! What an experience! That is so cool to be able to see the process up close and personal! Would love to check this out for myself.

    1. Alex

      Cambodia’s quite the experience in all sorts of ways, from the majestic Khmer ruins to eating spiders and scorpions — it is definitely an underrated destination everyone should check out!

  3. Addie

    Even though the silkworms kind of give me the shivers, the things that are made are absolutely stunning! Looks like a really incredible experience.

    1. Alex

      Aren’t they though? And my cellphone pictures hardly do them justice — feels like walking around in Fairyland, that shop is so full of beautiful things!

  4. I love this. It is so important to know where and how our things are made, literally from seed to finished product!

    1. Alex

      Absolutely! Having beautiful silk souvenirs is one thing … having actually met the artisans weaving them, now that’s a REAL story!

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