CHICKEN TEMPLE: Ai Kai Wat Chedi, Sichon, Thailand

Here’s one of the four-thousand-odd wats in Thailand not to miss if you’re driving up the south Thailand coast from Nakhon Si Thammarat to Surat Thani: วัดเจดีย์ (ไอ้ไข่วัดเจดีย์) aka Wat Chedi (Ai Kai Wat Chedi) aka CHICKEN TEMPLE!

The TripAdvisor listing claims it’s not that easy to find, but I dunno, we didn’t have any problem following the signs, seeing as how there’s TWELVE FOOT CHICKENS every couple hundred feet soon as you turn off the highway and all.

The essential forms of worship at CHICKEN TEMPLE are that along the way, or just outside, you buy yourself a chicken, and you buy yourself firecrackers.

Either of these would be a rather unusual purchase at a place of worship, and we’re fairly sure that this is the only place where you would purchase them as a set.

The firecrackers, you light those off — 10,000 of them, the box we bought! — while making a wish for good fortune or whatever, it seems. Most fun we’ve ever had praying, we tell ya!

The chicken, you place that with all the other chickens that people have brought along for offerings.

There are many chickens at CHICKEN TEMPLE.

Very very many.

A veritable plethora of chickens, in fact.

But this is our chicken, which we tucked under the trees in a relatively secluded sport where hopefully our chicken will be around for quite a while!

The story of Wat Chedi doesn’t appear to be readily researchable in English. We gather that Ai Kai is the spirit of a pilgrim that protects the temple…

… and we gather that Ai Kai amulets are a really big deal that only get a batch released every ten years (we’ll be back then!)…

… but how on earth the rooster and firecracker traditions got started, we have no idea. If any of you are more steeped in CHICKEN TEMPLE lore, please share!

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  1. Found your site by searching for English information on this temple. Nice photos and write up.

    Just a few additional things I can add based on what my wife explained who is from nakhon si thammarat.

    This temple is famous for the spirit of ai khai. Many Thais from all over the country come here to make a wish. Mostly related to money and business.
    They promise to return and bring him chicken, military uniforms and firecrackers if there wishes come true.

    So all of the chicken you see there and firecrackers burned by local people is a wish come true.

    Hope you got lucky with whatever you wished for too:)

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  3. Soh Hock

    Any flight from Singapore to Sri Thammarat wat chedi temple call chicken temple Appreciate your f back many thanks Boon

  4. William Yeo

    The nearest airport is at Surat Thani but serves mainly domestic flights. Most SGs & MYs fly to Hatyai airport and drive to Si Chon. The journey takes about 4 hrs. Would recommend that you stay at the beach resort for one night instead of trying to do the trip in one day as it is quite tiring. On the way back you can visit another huge and old temple in Nakhon Si Thammarat, This temple is in the middle of the town.
    The Wat Chedi Ai Kai is quite fascinating. There are thousands of chicken statues and figurines at the temple and along the road leading to the temple.

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