Dining: Bugs Cafe, Siem Reap

So in between visiting Angkor Wat and Kbal Spean and all the rest, you’re going to be having at least one meal in Siem Reap no doubt; and do we ever have a dining recommendation for you to make that experience unique:

Bugs Cafe – Insect Tapas and Cocktail Bar

Bugs Cafe


Our purpose is to show you that  insects are delicious!

Experience a gastronomical discovery of this typical Cambodian product, through the savoring of sophisticated and appealing tapas, cooked in a fusion of French and Khmer cuisine. Crickets, scorpions, grasshoppers, ants, bees, silkworms, spiders and more, combined with quality Khmer and western products and seasonings, will bring you a delicious and unparalleled taste of adventure!

… Help us promote this modern and ecological nutrition : no battery farming, low environmental impact, a fantastic protein input, insects are the food of the future!

Well, who can be against trying the food of the future? Not us!

Bugs Cafe

In the foreground, we have our salad: Grilled marinated scorpions served with fresh green papaya, kaffir lime, tomato, Chinese long beans, peanuts and chili mix

And in the background, definitely not a salad: Whole marinated tarantulas coated in tempura and deep fried. Served with sweet chili sauce, aioli and mango chutney

And yes, there is an entire scorpion floating in the bottle by the side there: House rice spirit with infused scorpion

Once that’s down — several generous helpings of the scorpion vodka are recommended, to really get into the swing of things — we can move on to some more exotic tapas:

Bugs Cafe

The selections here run

  • Traditional Cambodian deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with ants
  • Giant Waterbugs marinated and grilled with vegetables on the skewer
  • Delicate puff pastry roll filled with our homemade pesto and local ants
  • Grilled samosas filled with feta cheese, garlic, parsley, eggs, spinach and a marinated spider
  • Crickets and Silk Worms Wok

And for dessert, we do always adore a cheesecake…

Bugs Cafe


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… but this is the only place we’ve ever had Crickets Cheese Cake with Passion Fruit Coulis!

So yep. If you want some truly unique Instagram dinner photos to astound your friends … now you know where to go!

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