TWHS: Jinfushan Scenic Spot, China

So that Dazu Rock Carvings site was pretty spectacular, wasn’t it? Well, not all our visits work out quite as spectacular as that; for New Year’s Day 2018, we decided to head out east of Chongqing to

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

Jinfushan Scenic Spot


Jinfushan Mountain is a national major scenic spot and a national forest park. It has a total mountainous area of 1300 km2, of which 552 km2 is protective area and 441 km2 is scenic area. Fengchuiling mountain, the main peak with the elevation of 2251 meters, is the highest peak of Daloushan Mountain range. Jinfushan mountain is one of four famous mountains in Sichuan and Chongqing Areas. It has a beautiful magnificent, wonderful, ancient, interesting and green scenery and is a mountainous vegetation scenic spot with a huge volume…

“Magnificent, wonderful, ancient, interesting, and green” sounds good doesn’t it? Weeeeelllll, this is what we actually found:

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

Well, it’s green. Green, and cloudy.

… Around the mountain body are huge cliffs which extend to about 60km and have relative height difference of 200-300m, countless isolated mountain peaks, strange rock and flying waterfall, and countless dispersal-distributed valleys and gullies, which form an unique landscape of the Jinfushan Mountain….

Sounds good! Let’s head on up!

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

… aaaaand it’s about a 20 minute cable car ride up, about 18 of which is completely inside the clouds.

OK, so we’re at the top, where we can see absolutely nothing further than about 20 feet away. This is a significant anticlimax, this is.

But hey, long as we’re here, might as well walk a couple kilometers of the scenic boardwalk and let our rarefied imagination fill in the “magnificient, wonderful, ancient, interesting” parts.

About as interesting as it got though, were the red ribbon wishing trees — apparently Jinfushan is a particularly propitious mountain to wish upon:

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

… and well, I suppose we can give the opportunity for practicing our artsy shots of ice and cloud a “wonderful” if we’re feeling generous,

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

but honestly, we got our biggest chuckles from the anti-smoking signs along the path:

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

The vast forests for your touring
Star fire wil never leave

Jinfushan Scenic Spot

The trees give a little love,
She earth is a shade

Downright poetic, isn’t it? Seriously, you could just string a dozen of these together for an ode to nature that beats most of what passes for poetry these days.

So anyways, judging by the thousands of thronging Chinese that were up there for New Year’s Day as well —

— it seems to be a popular place for young couples as well as families, which surprised us a bit —

— on at least some days, Jinfushan Scenic Spot is, as reputed, an impressive place to visit for the “magnificient, wonderful, ancient, interesting” scenery.


p dir=”ltr”>But not the day we were there. So check the weather forecast before you go!

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