TWHS: Royal Belum State Park, Malaysia

Continuing our road trip through the near-flooded jungles of northwest Malaysia, our next stop after dodging washed out roads, creeping across temporary bridges, and generally having a fine old time, is

Royal Belum State Park (+ Belum-Temenggor Forest Reserve)

The Royal Belum State Park contains the most important and significant natural ecosystems and habitats for in situ conservation of biodiversity in Malaysia and the World. It represents the largest undisturbed and pristine habitats and ecosystems for in situ conservation of both the terrestrial and freshwater river and lake biodiversity in the country.

The State Park also contains many endemic, rare and threatened species of flora and fauna in Malaysia and also the World as it contains many iconic but rare, vulnerable otherwise threatened plants such as the gigantic flowers in the Plant Kingdom, Rafflesia cantleyi, R. kerri and R. azlanii and iconic animal species including 14 of the world’s most threatened mammals such as Panthera tigris jacksoni, Elephas maximusBos gaurusTapirus indicus as well as the 10 species of hornbills, the highest number in the country, in the region and in the World in one single locality thus far known…

The big score we were hoping for here was one of those Rafflesia in bloom, because you ever seen anything like this in real life?


What do we know about the world’s biggest flower? Not much actually

Rafflesia — The Worlds Largest Flower

But noooooooo luuuuuck with that. Not much of any luck actually — a rainy Sunday in the middle of Ramadan is not precisely the optimal time to be going all touristy in rural Malaysia, it turns out. Ah well, the steaming jungle at sunrise was a sight worth seeing, we’ll take it:

Royal Belum State Park

The original plan had been to settle in there at Belum Eco Resort for a while and enjoy the jungle life on the Tasik Temenggor waterfront … but y’know, sitting around waiting for the rain to clear up, naah.

So no hotel review from there; but it looks very nice from the outside, check it out when you visit. Because we didn’t.

So we’ll tick this one off with “yep, the journey definitely was the reward here too,” and head off to our next site!


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