TWHS: Taman Negara, Malaysia

So for our very first site visit logged here, figured we wanted something majestic! Awe-inspiring! A veritable explosion of excitement!

… yeah well not so much. Bit of a damp (soaked, actually) sqib, really. But hey, around here you get a point just for making an effort!

Site in question is our first in Malaysia:

National Park (Taman Negara) of Peninsular Malaysia

The National Park (Taman Negara) of Peninsular Malaysia is the first and the largest national park gazetted in the country. In Malaysia as it was gazetted in 1938/1939. It has been considered as the hotspot for biodiversity as it hosts many species of flora and fauna and many of them are endemic, rare, vulnerable or otherwise threatened in Malaysia…

Since its protection in 1938/1939, the area represents the largest habitat for in-situ conservation of both the terrestrial and freshwater river biodiversity in the country. As it contains many endemic plant and animal species and in particular many rare, vulnerable, endangered and threatened species of outstanding national, regional and universal value in term of science and conservation. Hence, it is deemed to be enlisted in the tentative list…

Checking out Malaysia Travel Guide, we’d noted that the east entrance at Taman Negara Sungai Relau looked just about the kind of thing we like:

Taman Negara Sungai Relau is the 2nd Gateway to Taman Negara.  It is located in Merapoh, Kuala Lipis, Pahang.  Open in 1999, it is popular starting point for climber to hike Gunung Tahan.

In general, many people do not realise the existence of Taman Negara Sungai Relau due to lack of promotion. This makes, the treasures of Taman Negara Sungai Relau are not being fully explored and discovered…

And we figured, hey that’ll make a nice anchor for a loop around northwest Malaysia. So we landed at Penang and powered on down the highway with visions of our great Gunung Tahan pictures for you Dear Readers planning themselves…

… straight into the maw of The Mother Of All Moonsoons. OK, she wasn’t quite that bad, but it was quite enough to turn the drive into an … adventure. So when we arrived at the entrance at near-dusk, tired and grumpy?

This. This is your vision of the lower foothills of the majesty which is Gunung Tahan, highest point of Peninsular Malaysia:

Gunung Tahan


And being in no mood whatsoever to contemplate sleeping out in the jungle which we could practically hear sniggering at us in joyous anticipation of washing us away during the night, decided yeah ok let’s go find a hotel then to be dry tonight, shall we? (And a rather interesting place we found too, we’ll tell you about next post…)

So, yeah. This is the kind of visit that we tick off with a gentleman’s pass for effort enough to get a site photo and all, but we’re definitely coming back next time we’re in the area — most likely to the south entrance from Kuala Lumpur, that seems to be by far the most popular!


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